what is peace?

What is peace?

To simply understand this abstract concept we can say peace is like the number zero.

The number zero doesnโ€™t have any value of its own but has a very important position on the scale.

It balances the number scale between negative numbers and the positive number, between one side and the other.

It is the place that helps us decide which side we need to put more awareness to keep the scale in balance.

Similarly peace is referred to a balanced state all kinds of equanimity ranging from inner to outer. ‘

As you cannot add colors to an already filled up canvas, in the same way we find our lives are so busy and filled with yesterdayโ€™s brush strokes so much so that we are not able to embrace newness in our life.

Thatโ€™s is when we are not at peace with our past, we are unable to us accept our present life to the fullest.

Peace helps us to stay at place of nothingness within ourselves so we not only tread on our journey in a balanced way but also let the new energy flow through us. In the Vedic wisdom,

Prayer for peace is submitted to the Universe as Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti: connecting peace within, in our journey and for peace all round!

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