what is happiness

What is happiness?

Happiness is an inner experience of the state of your inner being.

Simply put happiness is the feeling of energy once we are in a peaceful state.

Peace is a state of inner balance and happiness takes us a step further towards a soulful connect with others around. Like riding on a hover board, peace helps you stay on the board in balance and happiness moves you on it in all directions.
Commonly we confuse pleasure with happiness as pleasure also gives us an euphoria and a feeling of enjoyment. The easiest way to differentiate between happiness and pleasure is that pleasure is experienced as long as your senses consume an external stimulus whereas happiness is felt without any external factor and purely on inner state of being.

Pleasure last momentarily till that intake if senses lasts whereas happiness last as long as we live on that energized balance state. For instance, we feel pleasure when we eat our favorite food (external stimuli) however feel happiness by just being with our loved ones (inner stimuli).

We can be happy with what we have but not feel any pleasure in it, that is we can be successful (have what we want) but not be happy with what we have gotten! Hence our success or expectations have nothing to do with our state of happiness. All we have to do is be aware of our balanced state and at the same time be energized to take it to the higher level.

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