What happens when we get angry

What happens when we get angry?

When we get angry, the anger is actually on our inner self. We might think it is other’s fault but it’s really our own infliction. It’s our own inhibition, own insecurity, about how we perceive ourself.

Else why don’t we stay angered perpetually with so much ignorance and faults of people around us? When we seek ignorance around ourselves I assure you, plenty can be easily found.

So, accept the fact that we are biased in our anger. We choose- what to get angry about & what is acceptable to us, and in that lies secret to liberating our inner self.

So the next time you feel the urge of letting of some steam (venting) on your colleague or staff or a friend, ask yourself “Why I am boiling this water in the first place?”

Choose to let go of your insecurities rather than letting go of the steam in your anger!

Be hard on the problem and not the people.

And next time you find yourself boiling water for someone, offer a cuppa! 

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