Uninitiated or anger in self defence

Uninitiated or anger in self-defense

When we understand that anger is a self-inflicted wound (Pls read my post on anger) then we try to not hurt ourselves. Our wellness is in our own hands. After all, hitting a self-goal in soccer is never an option to spite the hateful audience.
Anger in Self Defence- if you are referring to using anger as a shield to self-protect then it is no more than pretending to show a strong face or ‘ready to fight’ attitude which is use of ones intellect rather abuse of it. Just like an actor on stage playing the role of Ravana to scare the audience. It’s the presentation of drama on world stage to have the desired affect. It is not really anger but mere outwardly depiction of it. Scaring people away with a scarecrow is harmless as long as we don’t go and stand ourselves as scarecrow , that is become angry from inside and burn our own house is this charade.
Getting angry in discussions with uninitiated – probably the reference is to the ignorance of the ‘new’ staff or inexperienced people around us? If so, then imagine that getting angry is like someone shouting, when you are in a dark room and unable to see your way out! You are already struggling with your visual handicap (ignorance) and other person, who can see things from his perspective. but is unable to understand yours. Anger is again not a sensible response and probably lighting a candle (teaching) will be a better solution. Maybe the other person is choosing to be blind and is not opening his eyes, then also shouting is never the solution as it will not help anyone and most of all you. When you have nothing to say to a person, say nothing! Silence is also legitimate form of communication. But chod doing anger in that situation will unbalance you – emotionally and intellectually, which will be self inflicting pain thereby deteriorating your existence.
Anger for self action in past –
Past is a dead place and future never comes. All we can do is live in the present moment. Living in the present means to start our life where we are in that moment. We can learn from the past and plan for the future. Anything more than that we find ourselves living not in the present. Anger on ourselves for our self action is suicidal as in place of learning from our mistakes we are trying to relive out our past mistakes. My note on FB talks about this facet only, where we are boiling water due to our own insecurities (that probably we made a mistake in past and we will make more in future) which is not required.
We get what we seek. Letting go is an art and science. Seeking peace gets us peace and seeking anger make us angry. Choice is ours! 🌸

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