Spiritual Rejuvenation Program

Self Realization

The way out begins from the first step towards your inner self. Here we will give you easy to follow Five finger template, to understand your metaphysical self and what works for you and what doesn’t.

Unlocking your true potential

After discovering your inner self we will introduce you to techniques on how to manage yourself in order to experience a happier and healthier version of yourself! You can be much more than what you know and this session will unlock that abundant energy for you.

Connecting to your ecosystem

Your interactions with the people around you define your entire world. In in this session we will direct your unlocked inner energy to flow all around you to light up your ecosystem.

Transform yourself and your space

Imagine the life of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. In this session we will hand hold you to start the process of transforming your life into new frontiers that you always thought of experiencing in this life.

About Spiritual Rejuvenation Program

Spiritual Rejuvenation Program is a special "One to One " program designed carefully with the blend of knowledge and experience. 

This program is for CEOs, CXOs, Owners, Directors, Mid to Senior level management executives ,C-level executives and those entreprenuers who have experienced multiple horizons during their career and personal life.

ADITYA NATH is a writer and a life coach. He graduated in business studies from Delhi’s prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce. He also pursued his passion for fashion at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. After completion of his MBA from Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA, he joined a Fortune 100 company and achieved immense professional success.

However, his quest to seek a balance between the material and spiritual worlds, made him return to India. Currently, he runs his family’s business while practicing the virtues of living soulfully.

15 minutes session is absolutely free of cost, as this one to one program is priceless being the stepping stone for your journey towards seeking.

and how can anyone put a price on something priceless.

you pay after the program from $1 to Amy amount that you would like to contribute towards the higher cause. whatever price you feel is justified. 

You feel benefitted from program, you can decide the value by your own

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This program is currently made available to C- level executives and above. So if you are a CEO,CXO, Director, Owner, Partner or managing large teams , please do connect with us for spiritual rejuvenation program

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common problems with self realization?

    As we are dealing with the inner realizations everyone has a different and a new experience. How do we know what to do or what is correct? How do we communicate things that doesn’t exist in reality but inside us?
    This program will give you an easy to follow template that will help you in not only understanding your inner self but also in dealing with it. This will ensure that you will not get lost and will always have the tool at all times to guide you on your journey!

    Are you tired about thinking positive and not seeing the changes in your life that you ought to? This rejuvenation program goes deeper than just thinking positive. In essence all thoughts inside you are positive only when used in the right context.
    This program is not about power of positive thinking but about the power of being positive force!

    Enough Of Positive thinking! Let’s get real about life.

    Why you need to unlock your true potential?

    Where there is energy there is resistance. Our life has both these forces working inside and outside us. When we equip ourself with the tools of awakening and mine into our inner realms we unlock hidden reservoirs of abundant energy that takes our current life experiences of a much higher level. We can live our entire life oblivious to our true potential but it will not be a complete life.

    Any connect between the Soulprint and the ecosystem has three parts. This is explained well the the Vedic philosophy as Tat Tvam Asi, or That art thou or simply put “You are connected to the Universe”. Like a flower on the vine or a bird sitting on a tree, you are also internally and eternally connected to all the soulprints around you. By realizing the spiritual wisdom you not only have a stronger relationship with your self but also with people in your life.

    How connecting to your ecosystem will transition your relationships?

    What you will get in free 15 min one on one session?

    This session is to know that are we ready for each other at this time. We both are seeking different purposes in life. When we are aligned on our vision of the future we create a transformative space. These 15 minutes interaction will let the natural selection process take over on this life’s journey.

    Every program is special and offers knowledge in their own way. The uniqueness of this program is that it completely personalized. In the 1-0-1 sessions the Coach guides the person in a customized path relevant for only that Soulprint. What makes this program more special is the holistic approach to your life. The eternal philosophy and its modern application makes the experience of the seeker enlightening.

    How this program different from existing programs?

    How it is better then Ayurveda retreats?

    Ayurveda is one of the four Vedas. By focusing only on one aspect person misses out on the other three essentials of life. Holistic approach to life is much needed in the fast paced contemporary life that too in a balanced way. This program gives you the template of a holistic view on your life and then you can choose to delve deeper into a specific life goal, perhaps in an Ayurveda retreat. 

    Meditation boot camps are great way to get peace all around yourself and perhaps answers How to connect. Sometime we need that in order to reboot our environment. However, this spiritual rejuvenation program gives you a clear vision to answer all of life existential questions of What, Where, When, Who and Why of your existence! The program is far more encompassing as it focuses on your awakening quotient.

    How it is different from meditation bootcamps?

    If we don’t awaken then what?

    The most scarce resource we have is the time in our life. Would you want to complete your life’s innings without realizing the purpose of your being in the first place! Everything in this world has purpose. Our existence has become a life of hard work to climb the corporate or the social ladder only to realize that we have climbed on top of the wrong building! We need to maximize our life and not only our living. When we do not realize this basic truth about life then we miss out on the limitless possibilities that await us! We can be awakened while we sleep and be asleep while we are awake!


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