How do we feel peace and happiness?

How do we feel peace and happiness?

The more important question than how to feel peace and happiness, is that how we understand “we” or define “who” is feeling happiness! . Since peace and happiness is a state for being, the ‘being’ nature has to be of someone or some part of our existence.

When we break our complete existence we find ourselves consisting of 4 “who” residing in us. To experience peace and happiness we need to be in balanced energized state in each one of them.

The four ‘who’ that exists inside us are – body, mind, emotion and the soul. By balancing each one of them we experience a peaceful state. For instance – a body without disease (that is without imbalances) is a body in a peaceful state. Similarly, when our emotions are balanced and not over flowing with zest or depression we are is a peaceful emotive state. When our expectations are non existent and we focus on our actions then our mind is at a peaceful state. Lastly our soul by it’s nature is at a peaceful state however we need to awaken ourselves to it and become aware of its balanced existence.

Unlike feeling of pleasure Thats works on consumption of something, happiness can not be achieved by getting something in the material world as it’s not a thing to be gotten! To feel happy we need to be in an energized peaceful state in all our four shells. Happiness is experienced when we know that we have a disease free body, or we have all our emotions satisfied in the best possible ways, or our mind is not wandering in the forest of expectations but is focused on our current actions or lastly we are aware of our soul’s existence in connecting to our world. So all we have to do is to be aware and keep ourselves in balance state to be in a happy state!

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