Finding the right Guru?

The word Guru comes from the word ‘gu’ meaning ‘darkness’ and ru’means ‘destroyer’. ie remover of darkness.A Guru can be either an inner or an outer source of light to remove darkness.

Inner Guru, is like an electrician and works on to fix one’s inner energy flows. This is possible by working closely in a customized manner with the student. This was experienced in gurukuls.

The outer Guru is like the shinning Sun who just shines for everyone alike and is not partial in any way or instance. This is what we see happen in our modern day zoom classes of the schools.

Both approaches of a guru – inner and outer work equally well for a Soulprint which is awakened. For instance – Eklavya (outer student) and Arjuna (one on one teaching) both got the best knowledge from teacher Dronacharya. It is actually the will of the person as to how much it absorbs from its surroundings that makes it eventually grow into a beautiful tree.

The spiritual guru enlightens the soulprint on spiritual wisdom, practice, faith and devotion. These tools further cultivated your Soulprint and increases your spiritual metabolism so that the tree of spirituality finds more fertile ground to grow inside you. Thus finding the right guru is as important as being the right soulprint to create a new universe for your existence to a higher experiential existence. Find the kind of guru you seek and also work on Awakening Your Soulprint! 🌸

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