Solving the Equation of life?

There are two sides to Life’s equation – the outer world and the inner world.

In the outer world ‘more is less’, and in the inner world ‘less is more’.

In outer world ‘matter is over mind’ and in the inner ‘mind is over matter.’

In the outer world we value results and in the inner we value intentions.

The outer world we have experience and the inner world we have realizations.

The outer world is real as we see it and the inner world is real as we can feel it.

The outer world s created by our intellect and the inner world is created by our soul.

So how do we balance life equation when both the worlds are not only different but are incomparable. They are as different as The numbers zero and one! No amount of ones can make for a zero and vice versa.

However, what we can do is to achieve a state of balance of the two worlds. We can use the ones and zeros like the binary code and make up for the beautiful equations of our life! We need to realize that our life cannot exist only with one world or side. So instead of accumulating abundance in any one world we need to be abundant. More of zeros or more ones without the other doesn’t make it an enriching life. Thus, the way to solve life’s equation is to awaken to use of zero and one Inplace of zero or one!

Awaken your soulprint helps you balance the two worlds and enriches our life’s to a higher level of existence! 🌸

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