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A small lie can change your destiny!

One day a passerby came and asked Monk Kabir the directions to a nearby address. Monk Kabira knew the answer but smilingly denied knowing the answer. The monk thought that the event was of no importance and that he saved his time, effort and lost nothing in return! The passerby went his way but took away the monk’s destiny. This is about what really happened here!

Not being true to others is the first sign of our not being true to ourself! What we are filled inside oozes on the outside. When we lie, the most important person, our inner self, becomes a witnesses to our falsehood. This simple act instills disbelief and callous vibrations down to our cells.

It’s like cash system of an economy where no credit is available due to lack of trust and faith. Thus everybody has to buy and sell in cash. Similarly our body being a witness to our lies stops to believe in what we say and looses faith in not only our words but our self. This lack of confidence of our best friend (body) affects us in more ways than the monk Kabir had realized.

For instance , any medicine works only when we believe in it. This is called placebo affect and is a scientifically proven fact. Hence when we lie we give up our inner trust and strength albeit cheaply. Our thoughts get infected leading to our lie in words, followed by incomplete actions, creating an unsustainable habit, thereby destroying our character and eventually changing our destiny.

When we choose to not lie then we discover a new universe getting created for us. We experience living in a state of ‘sat’ in our everyday living. It is being pure in our intentions, truthful in our words and honest in our efforts/ actions. This gives us the power to command our life and the same was attributed as ‘Vak Shakti’ In our Vedic literature. The pure souls of the rishis munnis could manifest reality all around by just saying it verbally. What we don’t see is the lifetime of living a truthful life inculcated by these sages.

However, living in pure ‘sat’ is not easy. How can we expect someone to be truthful when everyone around might be pulling them down with deceit and falsehood? The material world (Maya) around us can consist of disbelief and falsehood (asat). In such times, for an individual to be truthful and honest might seem impossible. It’s like trying to gasp fresh air siting close to a fuming chimney. Garbage in leads to garbage out of our system.

When faced with a difficult situation, one can either falter or can choose a higher path. A simple solution to say nothing at all might save you from losing your destiny. No one can force you to say a lie as no one can force you to tell the truth. Choosing to not answer an untoward questions is perhaps a higher and more difficult path than lying in that instance.

Apart from not answering, selfless praises of encouraging, loving or appreciating others (more than they deserve) aren’t construed as lying. For instance when a child gets grade “A” in kindergarten it’s not for his meritorious performance but rather her attempt to try. Even to appreciate wife’s not so good cooking or mother’s unwarranted scoldings, we are accepting their love more than our taste buds and are thus these acts are not based out of lie. Even Shri Krishna denied eating all of the butter of the village in familial space. Through awakening every soulprint has to decide this for itself that what is a lie in selfless act and what is a lie in a lessening self act.

Each one’s reality has its own gravity pull. As a space shuttle takes extra power to leave the planet earth to reach for the moon so does Spiritual excellence requires extra boost of faith and practice. Till you don’t awaken your soulprint to escape falsehood how can you aspire for greatness?!

When a small insect like a caterpillar can accomplish such a transformation in becoming a butterfly then surely human consciousness can give it a shot. A caterpillar doesn’t only change itself but rather transforms into a new avatar of a beautiful butterfly in his journey. This process gives it wings to fly and to do things that were unfathomable for a caterpillar and hence have a richer life experience. Caterpillar, from being an insect who is focused on eating fruits and leaves (self consuming), awakens to a higher life purpose (of plant pollination!)

Not leaving our comfort zone, limits possibilities of our life’s richness. Only the sailboats that leave the shore get to cross the ocean. We need to awaken to a higher spiritual space inside us. Not saying a word of lie is a small but the right step in the direction of our awakening. So, the next time when we have an urge to lie then we need to carefully weigh the lie (falsehood)against the weight of our lost possibilities (sat). You will see from your own Divya Chakshu and ascertain what is lost and what is gained, once you have Awaken Your Soulprint. 🌸

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