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About Aditya Nath

ADITYA NATH is a writer and a life coach. He graduated in business studies from Delhi’s prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce. He also pursued his passion for fashion at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi. After completion of his MBA from Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA, he joined a Fortune 100 company and achieved immense professional success.

However, his quest to seek a balance between the material and spiritual worlds, made him return to India. Currently, he runs his family’s business while practicing the virtues of living soulfully.

What is soulprint?

Just like a thumbprint, every single human being on this planet has a unique soulprint. Nature never repeats itself in anything it does, thus two soulprints are never ever alike and nor are their material or spiritual journeys. In life’s journey, you can be sleeping while you are awake and be awakened even while you are asleep.


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    Dussera reminds us that a person can become very intelligent, maybe equivalent to the computing power of 10 heads (brains), but won’t be victorious in

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    The paranoia to live a perfect life is the biggest mistake we make. Life is a series of parts and each part needs to be

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    Did you know? Worldwide, nearly 1 in 4 girls aged 15–19 years is neither employed nor in education or training compared to 1 in 10

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    On this day we need to focus on mental fitness. Apart from the fitness of the body, we need to work toward the fitness of